It is thrifty to prepare today
for the wants of tomorrow. Aesop, VI century BC

About us

Our projects

 Oiliken oil trader, investment project management 1996-2007
 Oiliken Bunkering bunkering project management, management buyout (MBO) 1997-2001 
 Kamoil technical liquids plant project management, management buyout (MBO) 1998-2001 
 Leventa wholesaler of electronics project management, sale of shares 1997-2001
 VIVA Electronic electronics retailer project management, management buyout (MBO) 1999-2001 
 Flexar chain of gas stationsacquisition 2003 
 DIO fuel research of fuel project management, patent 2001-2003 
 DIO Oil Est net of filing station project management, sale of shares 2002-2006 
 HTH oil terminal fundraising 2003
 Glaid Oil oil desalting plant engineering, project management, sale of shares 2005
 Zavod Prodmash galvanizing plant fundraising, engineering 2005
 Ак Барс-Стабильность closed mutual fund project management, sale of shares 2008
 Oiliken Investconstruction, development project management, fundraising 2010
 Tatneft M&A energy company IES financial advisor 2007
 NCC&PO oil terminal engineering, fundraising, project management 1999-2014 
 Marketluxwholesale seafoodfunding 2011 
 FB Income Fund  fixed income fund asset management 2014 
 FB Opportunity Fundhedge fund asset management 2015